Natural Health Options

The norm is getting you no where, take charge of your own health.

Chiropractors, Natural Alternative Medicine Specialists

There are two main approaches to medicine – traditional and alternative.  Chiropractors are alternative health specialists.  They work to restore and maintain your good health by practicing with their hands, also known as “manual medicine” or “manual therapy.”

Traditional medicine is a Western approach, widely practiced in places like North America.  It bases its foundation on fixing a specific problem or a particular area of pain rather than looking at the body as a whole.  Traditional medicine includes such things as surgery and prescription medications. 

Alternative medicine is mainly Eastern approaches that have been around for thousands of years, starting in places like China and India.  Alternative medicine looks at healing the body in a holistic fashion, looking at the entire body and not just its parts.  It seeks to bring the body in harmony with nature and with the world we live in.  In many cases, such spiritual approaches as the Oriental foundation of “Chi” or “life force energy” is considered.  This means that if a person is out of balance with his or her surroundings, true health cannot be achieved.  Understanding the life force energy is important in our busy world.  When a person is stressed, anxious, depressed, or pessimistic, his or her life force energy is out of balance.  When Chi is incorporated in an alternative medicine approach, restoration of your body to good health while looking at the condition of the rest of your body and how you are reacting to the world around you, is the focus.

Alternative approaches to medicine include such things as massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, naturopathy, Reiki, chiropractic, and more. Chiropractors are alternative health specialists who work on disorders of the spine, the neck, the joints, the arms, the legs, and more. 

Chiropractic medicine was founded in the United States in the 1890s by Daniel David (D. D.) Palmer.  It was expanded in the early 20th century by his son Bartlett Joshua (B.J.) Palmer.  Although it is an alternative form of medicine, it is widely practiced and accepted in the United States, Canada, and Australia.  One of the most common methods for a chiropractor is spinal manipulation, otherwise known as an “adjustment.”  A loosening of the muscles along with restored mobility is achieved.  

In the United States, for example, becoming a chiropractor includes a certain amount of training.  A person must earn a Bachelor’s degree, attend a chiropractic college, and obtain a license to practice. Then a person may choose to specialize in an area, such as sports injuries or pediatrics.  A chiropratic doctor will also want to educate themselves continually to stay current and to maintain their license to practice.

Chiropractors are health specialists who give people alternative choices for their medical health and care.  Surgery and prescription medicine, two foundations of traditional or Western medicine, come with a multitude of risks and side effects.  Some surgeries carry the risk of injury or death, while dependency on prescription medications has reached dangerous levels in places like the United States.  A chiropractor is a good choice if you want to get to the root cause of what is ailing you, whether it be headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica or tendonitis, these alternative specialists can alleviate many problems naturally.

Natural Fat Loss, Easier Than You Think.

Natural Fat Loss Made Easy

Natural Fat Loss Made Easy

Most Americans aren’t as healthy as they should be. In fact, a lot of the people who die in the U.S. die because they made unhealthy choices in life. A poor diet or a lack of exercise can increase your risk of heart disease; a sedentary lifestyle can make you more susceptible to a number of dangerous conditions. The most common health conditions today that are completely preventable are stroke, diabetes, heart disease and obesity; this is what happens when we do not take care of ourselves over the years. Health is 100% every individual’s responsibility, today prescription medications that used to help people feel better is no longer working.  The most common health complaint of American’s today is their weight, over 50% our considered obese and they have no idea how to lose fat naturally and get healthier.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, then you need to take responsibility for your health. If you follow this guide and take steps to improve your health, then you will be able to avoid the problems that a lot of other people face. No matter what age, no matter what your health condition is today, if you make the right healthy lifestyle changes you can significantly change your situation.

Give Yourself A Cheat Day

A lot of people tell themselves that they can’t commit to making healthier food choices. After all, they work hard all day. They deserve to have a treat when everything is said and done. This kind of mindset can be very damaging. A lot of people avoid healthy foods because of it. To avoid this problem, you should adopt a healthier diet, but give yourself a “cheat day.” Pick one day each week on which you can eat whatever you want. You can have pizza, donuts, or other unhealthy treats, providing that you eat healthy meals for the rest of the week. Even unhealthy foods are fine when they are consumed in moderation. If you allow yourself a few treats, it will be a lot easier for you to stick to a balanced diet. Often times after eating more cleanly and healthy for a couple of months your cheat days will not be very often because you will feel so bad when you eat something that is not good for you. Remember most people have been eating cheat meals every day for years and this is what has caused their health to deteriorate and have symptoms such as weight gain, chronic fatigue, insomnia and digestive issues.  Eating processed foods and fast food meals week after week can only lead you down a path of blood sugar issues, pre-diabetes and weight gain.  If you would like to lose weight naturally you have to give the body what it needs to be a lean, mean, fighting machine; meaning real food and not a bunch of garbage.

Find Easy Ways To Exercise

A lot of people sign up for gym memberships, but never actually show up for their workout sessions. This is partially because people simply don’t have enough time to get to the gym each day. Gyms aren’t a good fit for every person, and that is perfectly acceptable. If you haven’t done well with gyms in the past, then you should try to find other ways that you can work out. For example, you can get a lot more exercise while you go about your normal daily business. Make a point of walking or biking instead of driving when it makes sense. Find a way to get in some exercise at work. Make sure that you are finding ways to be active every day. The right kind of exercise will help improve health in so many ways; it can help with metabolism, sleep, hormone balance, detoxification and more. Find exercise that not only kick your butt but also are low impact so you can continue to exercise without getting hurt.


Work On Your Sleep

A lack of sleep can exacerbate almost any health problem. There are Americans all over the country who are suffering from a lack of sleep, and it is taking a real toll on them. Most people are so stressed out today and burning the candle at both ends that they have adrenal fatigue, and the adrenals have a lot to do with hormone balance and cortisol levels. Remember that coffee and energy drinks might help you stay away but not in a healthy way; forcing your body to have energy can lead to many other health issues down the road.  Stimulating the body artificially can lead to serious blood sugar issues and weight gain especially around the belly and thighs.  You should take steps to improve the quality of your sleep. Look for an app that will help you to identify your body’s natural sleep rhythms. If you are having trouble falling asleep try eating a small piece of ham or turkey before bed and definitely avoid eating carbohydrates or sugar hours before sleeping.  Make sure you go to bed and get up at the ideal time. Sleeping in the right way can make it easier for you to get a satisfying rest each night. These aren’t the only ways that you can take responsibility for your health. You can also supplement your diet with vitamins, or make sure you drink plenty of water. With that said, these simple tips will get you off to a solid start.

Natural Healing, Weight Loss and More

There are many natural, alternative programs to help support chronic health conditions like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, heart disease and cancer but these programs have to be careful not to step on the toes on mainstream medicine.  For Americans seeking out natural healing through diet and exercise, no matter what the diagnosis is one can always see improvement in energy, weight loss, sleep, digestion and more.  It is time to start taking control of your health, energy and vitality; if you are suffering with diabetes, arthritis, migraine headaches, insomnia or weight loss just know there is something you can do about it, but do not rely on anyone else to help you because it will be a frustrating road ahead.  Natural guidance and programs are important to follow, however, it is ultimately up to you to make a difference in your health, to engage and participate in improving your health.

Keep in mind that there is billions of dollars to be made managing chronic health conditions with prescription medications so the thought of people seeking out natural alternatives does not jive so well with medical doctors and big pharmaceutical companies.  Studies have shown that if people really took care of themselves with proper exercise and adequate nutrition there would be 50% less visits to the doctor, meaning prescription medications would be dispensed 50% less than they are now.

Diabetes is plaguing are nation at the highest rates ever, there are more people now looking for natural weight loss programs because they are tired of taking Metformin, prescription diet pills, appetite suppressants and shots of insulin.  Sure one can take prescription drugs or even get lap band surgery but honestly are they any healthier because of it?  At least a natural fat loss program consisting of the right diet and the right exercise will not only help one to look and feel better but actually be healthier from the inside out.

So many people today just end up accepting their health and where they are, they get caught up in mainstream medicine and all of it’s prescription medicine and testing often times leading to serious sick medical debt over the years.  The times of being ok with chronic health conditions skyrocketing are over, it is time to get your health back and do the things that are necessary to live an energetic life full of vitality.  Optimal health is something everyone deserves to have, they are meant to have it; we are put on this earth to thrive and fully engage in life; the only way to do that is to be healthy.